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In response to the concerning increase in suicides in Bangladesh, Mindy has launched a platform that offers a safe and anonymous space for individuals to express their feelings of despair. Additionally, Mindy is dedicated to changing the perception of mental health, particularly among the younger generation. This platform also serves as an Emotional Support Environment, providing a secure and judgment-free space for teenagers to seek assistance and guidance for any challenges they may be facing.


At Mindy, we want to help people who are feeling really sad or stressed. Our mission is to stop more people from feeling so bad that they might want to hurt themselves. We made a special place on the internet where you can talk about your feelings without anyone knowing who you are. It's like a secret and safe space. We also want to change how people think about mental health, especially for young people. Our goal is to make sure no one feels alone, and we're here to listen and help, without judging. Together, let's make sure everyone knows it's okay to ask for support when you're going through tough times.


At Mindy, our vision is for a world where everyone feels supported and understands that mental health is just as important as physical health. We imagine a future where people, especially young ones, talk openly about their feelings without being scared or judged. Our hope is to create a safe and friendly online space where anyone can get help when they're feeling really down. We dream of a society where mental health is a regular topic, and nobody has to feel alone. With Mindy, let's work towards a future where kindness and understanding are the norm, making sure everyone knows they matter and help is always available.

Me and my journey

I’m Rehan, and I want to take you on a journey—the journey of Mindy, a little idea that blossomed into something beyond my wildest dreams.
Growing up in Bangladesh, I quickly realized how underrated mental health was. My personal struggles, especially during the chaotic days of the COVID-19 pandemic, led me to seek help from both a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Lucky for me, my parents understood the importance of mental well-being and were there to support me.
But not everyone is that fortunate. That realization hit hard, sparking the idea of Mindy—a platform where people could get emotional support anonymously. I mean, who wouldn’t want a safe space to open up without the fear of judgment?
Starting out, it was just me against the world. Challenges were aplenty, but the passion to make a difference kept me going. Soon, my friend Sreya joined the cause, sharing the vision and determination to make Mindy a reality.
As we started shaping Mindy, I faced the daunting task of turning this vision into something tangible. That’s when my dad, or as I lovingly call him, Pappa, stepped in. He didn’t just provide funds; he became the guiding force that propelled Mindy forward.
From those initial struggles, Mindy has transformed into something incredible. It’s not just a platform; it’s an emotion—a testament to the power of community, empathy, and understanding. The stories we hear from our users are awe-inspiring and a clear sign that we’re on the right path.
Today, Mindy stands as a beacon of hope, run by a team as passionate as ever. We’ve become a space where anonymity is valued, emotions are respected, and support is given without holding back. We’ve evolved into more than just a platform; we’re a lifeline for those navigating the complexities of their minds.
Looking back, it’s not just a journey—it’s a movement. Mindy is more than digital real estate; it’s a living, breathing affirmation that mental health deserves attention, compassion, and understanding.
Our journey is ongoing, with Mindy growing not just in numbers but in the hearts and minds it touches. It’s a living proof of the transformative power of empathy and support. Join us as we continue this incredible journey—one that started with an idea and is now making waves as a force for good.

Rehanuz Zaman
Founder & CEO

Our Values

Team Work and Collaboration

Collaborate effectively with colleagues and contribute positively to the team's
Offer assistance and support to fellow volunteers and team members when

Time Management

Manage your time effectively to balance your duties and any additional
part-time volunteer work. Communicate your schedule and any potential conflicts with your supervisor
in advance.

Personal Development

Engage in opportunities for learning and growth, and actively participate in
training and skill enhancement programs provided by the platform.
Seek feedback and be open to constructive criticism for your professional

Productivity and Accountibility

Set clear goals and work diligently to achieve them.
Stay focused and minimize distractions during working hours.
Report your progress regularly and seek help or clarification when needed.


Act with honesty and transparency in all your activities.
Adhere to ethical principles and uphold the highest standards of integrity.


Treat colleagues, supervisors, clients, and fellow volunteers with dignity and
Value and appreciate diverse perspectives and opinions.


Work collaboratively and proactively with colleagues to achieve common
○ Embrace teamwork and support a culture of shared success.


Take responsibility for your work, actions, and decisions.

Deliver on your commitments and meet deadlines as agreed upon.


Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Encourage and empower others to achieve their full potential.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Embrace and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

Promote an inclusive and equitable environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued.

Learning and Growth

Pursue continuous learning and skill development.

Welcome challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Embrace creativity and forward-thinking.

Be open to new ideas and approaches to problem-solving.

Well Being

Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Encourage and empower others to achieve their full potential.

Accountable Communication

Communicate transparently and effectively with colleagues and supervisors.

Engage in respectful and constructive dialogue.


Consider environmental and social impacts in your work.

Contribute to sustainable practices and solutions in the workplace.

Fun and Enjoyment

Find joy and satisfaction in your work.

Promote a positive and enjoyable work atmosphere.

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